10am to noon. Come on in for our regular Sunday Strength Session. At the same time we are running our Wellington Cup Team Tryouts. Test your skills and strength to see where you are at join in the challenge even if you don’t want to compete.

Team Comp

Congrats to our team at the CrossFit FRF comp yesterday. Jo, Tash, Woodrow and Casey joined teams from all over Wellington and Palmy in a series of workouts at CF FRF’s open day.

Woodrow at FRF

Sunday Reading

Feel it First: Technique Corrections

That is, if you can get the athlete to move the way you want through exercises and lift segments, you’ll make more progress in less time than if you attempt to teach them conceptually what they should be doing.

The economic power of the CrossFit community

In late 2008, CrossFit wasn’t so well known. We had less than 1,000 affiliates worldwide, and the CrossFit Games had only been held twice and were still on the Castro Ranch in Aromas, CA.  

So it wasn’t a shocker when the Hyatt Regency in Austin, TX didn’t seem keen on hosting a gathering of CrossFit affiliates that coming February. CrossFit was a little rougher back then, and we were kind of viewed as outlaw fitness. But we were used to hesitation and rejection.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Get Skinny Fat!

They are not aging so much as they are losing their body composition and strength; with that, their metabolism goes south and they suffer the skinny-fat syndrome or what is technically known as sarcopenic obesity.

 NPGL – the next big thing?