3 Minutes of:
Max Back Squats *(body weight)
REST 1 min
5 Minutes of:
10 Deadlifts *(body weight)
10 Box Jumps (20/21″-24/25″)
REST 1 min
10 Minutes of:
200M Sprint
5 Burpees
15 Push-ups

You must use the same amount of weight on the back squat and deadlift. If you cannot use your body weight on these exercises scale according to level and ability but each athlete only gets one bar. Rest 1 minute between AMRAPs

10am Skill Session –Photography Skills with Stephen

We will also run Open Gym so that those taking pictures have some subjects.Please bring your own camera.

Outline is:
General overview and building familiarity with a Camera
Basic Camera settings for best results
The importance of Light
Planning the shoot
Post production hints, tips, and tricks

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