Thruster 6 x 4 – 4 Sets of 6 reps across at 75%

8 Min AMRAP of:

8 Manakers AHAP

8 Weighted Sit Ups with Man Maker weight.


Thruster 6 x 4 – work up to a heavy set of 6, try for your x 5 weight for one more rep 🙂

8 Min AMRAP of:

8 Manakers As Heavy As Possible

8 Sit Ups

Manmaker: Start with DB’s at Hang, DB’s to floor, kick back, push up, row left, row right, jump feet in, power clean DB’s, Push Press, back to hang.

Mobility Monday

Wrist Mobility: Why It’s Important Plus 8 Excerises to Improve It

Another thing to consider is that if we lack motion at the wrist, we’ll try to make the motion up at the shoulder and elbow. Conversely, if we lack shoulder mobility, we’ll try to make it up at the elbow and wrists. It is therefore just as important to focus on scapular and shoulder mobility as it is on the wrist, as the two are interconnected and focusing on one may not alleviate the problem for the other.