TEAM workout, for time:

One person working at a time

40 Box Jumps 30/24″(F 24/20”)

30 Deadlifts 110/80kg (F 75/50kg)

40 T2B (F Hanging Leg Raise)

30 DB Push Press 20/12.5kg (F 15/10kg)

40 Situps (-GHD for adv members)

30 Row for Calories

40 Alternating Pistols (F Squats)

30 Burpee Box Jumps 30/24″ (F 24/20”)

Rules: All team members must perform a minimum of 10 reps of each movement. Other than that 1 person working at a time and break it up however you want.

Note: F in brackets denotes Rx Fitness scaling (F)

Saturday Skills Session at 10am is Open Gym – Open Gym Rules

•Have a plan.
•Know what workout you want to do or lift you want to work.
•The coach is there to help but this is not a personal training session.
•Work your “goats”.


15 Practical Strategies to Increase Your Deadlift Max

“Grip it and rip it” may look good on a t-shirt, but rarely does it look good on a lift. Take your time in the set up to make sure you set yourself with good position and tension.