Bench Press 6 x 4 – 4 sets of 6 at 75%

Then 3 RFT of:

100m Farmers Walk AHAP

15 Pull Ups


Bench Press 6 x 4 – work up to a heavy set of 6


100m Farmers Walk AHAP

15 Body Rows

Bodycare -A few self care tips:

Drink Water. Our body is made of 60 to 70% water (depending on the individual). Keep yourself hydrated before and after a workout and even on your rest days.

Take an Epsom salt bath. After a few days of working out, you can get pretty stiff and achy. Fill up the tub, add a cup to two cups of epsom salts (preferably unscented) and let your body relax. Stay in there for at least 20 minutes, then rinse off in the shower. Be sure to drink plenty of water during this. You may feel dehydrated and most likely sleepy afterwards. It’s not abnormal and you should definitely be prepared for it. It’s best to take an epsom salt bath at the end of the day when you can crawl right into bed. Oh, and the most amazing sleep you’ll have, too

Sleep. It’s the time when our body focuses on repairing and rebuilding. Be sure to get plenty of it.

Rest Days. Find what works best for you in regards to how often you workout. Some like to train 3 days on, one-off. Some go 4 days on and two off. Whatever feels right to you. Just be sure to take a rest day. Sometimes we worry that a rest day will mean that we’ll fall behind in our fitness goals. Some of us get caught up in that, fitness high, from daily workouts. When we skip rest days, we are actually cheating ourselves of fitness progression. We need these days to allow our body to repair and heal and grow stronger.

Yoga. Yoga goes well with CrossFit. Keep those muscles and joints happy. Switch it up. We’ll be running yoga classes a few times a month soon.

Massage is always a great self-care treat for yourself too. Allison from Remedy Massage is conveniently located in the gym and offers discounts to members.