“Team Loaded”

Some of you will have done the individual version of this, now it’s time to team up and move some stuff.

In teams of 3 or 4.

3 2 Rounds For Time and Load of:

Waiters Walk 400m

Farmers Walk 400m Cross

Walk 400m (switch sides as needed)

Sandbag Shoulder Carry 600m

Sandbag Hug Carry 600m

Log Carry 400m

Walks can be done in any order.

As Heavy As Possible.Complete the carries as a team with one person working at a time.

Suggested loadings: Walks 24/16kg, Sandbags 20/10kg Logs 20/10kg

Skill Session at 10am is an introduction to the new mobility tools at the gym. Crossover  Symmetry, Beastie, Tigers Tail and more…. Come in and learn to use these new tools.


Next weekend is The Wellington Cup. Our team of Casey, Tash, Woodrow and Paule will be competing against gyms from all over New Zealand, a few from Oz and a super team of CrossFit Games athletes. Come on out and support them.


Wellington Cup 2014 – 23/24 Aug 2014

The Wellington Cup is a CrossFit competition like no other in New Zealand. Each year we invite affiliates from around New Zealand and Australia to compete in a two day test of fitness. Not only will athletes go head to head with each other, they also get to workout with (and the chance to beat) an All-Star team consisting of Male and Female athletes from the CrossFit Games. All competitors will compete as individuals.

There will be no Scaled division; Workouts will be “Open style workouts” to ensure universal participation for MOST of the weekend with cuts on day two based on performance. Each competitor will also represent their affiliate in multiple team events, which is scored separate to the individual events. More info HERE.