From 10am to Noon. There will be an Olympic Weightlifting option, a Powerlifting option, as well as a CrossFit workout. You can also use this time as an Open Gym Session, just make sure you have a plan.

Crossover Symmetry

For those who were at the skill session yesterday, the plan for the next two weeks is to focus on Activation each time you are in the gym. You could also think about adding Recovery every other day you are in. I will be putting up the exercise descriptions on the wall behind the cords so you can refresh yourself before each session

Sunday Reading – Upcoming Events and Courses

Wellington Cup


Wellington Cup 2014 – 23/24 Aug 2014

The Wellington Cup is a CrossFit competition like no other in New Zealand. Each year we invite affiliates from around New Zealand and Australia to compete in a two day test of fitness. Not only will athletes go head to head with each other, they also get to workout with (and the chance to beat) an All-Star team consisting of Male and Female athletes from the CrossFit Games. All competitors will compete as individuals.

There will be no Scaled division; Workouts will be “Open style workouts” to ensure universal participation for MOST of the weekend with cuts on day two based on performance. Each competitor will also represent their affiliate in multiple team events, which is scored separate to the individual events. More info HERE.

MaD CF Team is Woodrow, Tash, Casey and Paule. Please come down to the event to support them. Details on ticket sales are on the Wellington Cup site.

Next Barbell Club Course


Barbell Club Olympic Weightlifting Course

Need to work on your Snatch and Clean and Jerk. The next course will run from Sep 9 until Oct 16.

Limited to 8 members only. This course will be mixed, catering for novice and intermediate lifters.


41° Weightlifting Club Comp

41 Degrees  WLC

41° Weightlifting Club Olympic Weightlifting Comp – Sun Aug 31

This Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand sanctioned competition is open to all MaD CrossFit members and any registered OWNZ lifters. Lifters from other gyms and CrossFit Affiliates welcome as well. You will have 3 attempts at both the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. We will run this in accordance with OWNZ and IWF rules. Sign up and surprise yourself. Weigh in at 9am.


Run Technique Clinic

Run Technique

2 Hour Run Clinic – Saturday 27 Sep 10am til Noon

We will conduct a video analysis of your running form. Then we will focus on the mechanics of your form, injury prevention and the role of strength training in maintaining good run technique.

$25 per person for members and 10 Trip Pass Holders, $50 per person for Non-Members.