No skill session or Open Gym today, get down to the Wellington Cup and support our team. Thanks to Lululemon, SOS Hydrate and Ministry of Swimming for their support.

Before you become a spectator first come in at 9am and pair up.

Team Chelsea

Partners alternate complete rounds

EMOTM for 30 minutes: 5 Pull Ups 10 Push Ups 15 Squats.

If you don’t complete the round within the minute, then start your next minute where you finished. If you wish to you can scale up with a weight vest πŸ™‚


Strength and Conditioning in the Aging Athlete

One day you wake up and you realize your body feels different. Maybe it’s that you cannot do some of the things you used to do anymore, or maybe your body is screaming much louder than it did before while doing the same exact thing. Maybe the nagging aches and pains are more constant than they were in the past. You work hard to eat well and train/exercise to keep your body and mind healthy, but regardless of the steps you take, things are different.