Our 6th sanctioned Olympic Weightlifting competition is on today. Being run as part of the Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand National Masters Postal Comp, lifting will start at 10am.

Enjoy your Rest Day, come on down and support the lifters on the platform.

Put the date in your diary NOW!

Mad Trans-Tasmin Challenge Banner

Trans Tasman Challenge – Sat November 22 – 2 Sessions one at 9am on at 11am

Our annual competition for the banner with CrossFit Darwin, expect 3 workouts that test your strength and skills.

Sunday Reading

Predicting Snatch and Clean & Jerk 1RMs

There are two basic schools of thought on competition lifts: One uses competitions to achieve PRs, and one uses competition to make lifts. In other words, the former wants to lift as heavy as possible, taking more risk; the latter wants to make 6 of 6 lifts on the platform, which may mean not even reaching the lifter’s gym PRs.

How to Stretch Like the Professionals

One of the biggest myths about training is the one that centers around stretching.Do it, don’t do it, do it fast or slow, do it at the start or the end. With all that talk it’s no wonder people get confused.

Everything You Need to Know About the Iliopsoas

The iliopsoas contributes heavily to Olympic lifts and every day activities like walking and running. It also influences our form in many other types of movement, depending on how weak or how tight this group of muscles may be.