Team Workout (teams of 2,3 or 4)

20 Min AMRAP

10 Thrusters 40/30kg – Fitness – Thruster 30/20kg

8 Pull Ups –  Fitness – Body Rows or Jumping Pull Ups

Run 200m

1 team member starts on the Thrusters then moves onto the pull ups as the next team member starts the Thrusters.

At the 10am Skill Session, Anna will be taking you through the 1st of three Pilates sessions.


Farmers Walk

Dan John stated that, “The loaded carry does more to expand athletic qualities than any other single thing I’ve attempted in my career as a coach and an athlete.” And that’s some statement considering his experience. Moreover, Dan refers to the farmer’s walk as the “King of Carries.” This gives you an idea of the width and depth of benefits that farmer’s walks provide. Not all of these benefits can be described in muscular terms, but if we are going to do so, we are looking at developing powerful legs and hips, strength through the core, a strong and stable back, and of course, phenomenal grip strength, to name just a few.

No Sunday Strength Session tomorrow

We are hosting the National Secondary Schools Postal Olympic Weightlifting Competition. Lifting starts at 10am come down and support the junior lifters 🙂