41° Weightlifting Club are hosting the Wellington round of the New Zealand Secondary School Championships at the gym today. Lifting starts at 10am so come on down and lend a hand or just support the youth lifters on the platform.

Sunday Strength Session will be back next week, so enjoy a well earned rest day today 🙂

Sunday Reading/Watching

The Clean and Jerk Rack Positions

The Clean Rack Position
 The basics of this position are pretty simple: the purpose is to allow the trunk to support the barbell in the front squat securely and in a way that allows and encourages the correct upright posture and recovery from the squat.
All the Snatch’s from the last comp

Over the past couple years, the number of people who do CrossFit has gone through the roof, and with that has come a dramatic increase in the number of CrossFit competitions*, to the point where it’s possible (although not advisable) to compete pretty much every weekend. But what is it that makes a competition “good”? Or rather, what are the basics requirements (apart from good WODs) in order for the event to run smoothly?