Hopper Deck Day

Like the previous Hopper Deck sessions we will be selecting a workout from the “Hopper Deck”. Everyone has to agree to the workout, otherwise it is 10 Burpees to draw another card.

If the next class wants to do the same workout as the previous one there is a 10 burpee buy in. Otherwise they can take a chance and draw their own card.

Saturday 25 Oct – Normal Schedule
Sunday 26 Oct CLOSED
Mon 27 Oct – Evening classes 5pm and 6:30pm ONLY

BASICS – Burpee

  • Start standing tall with arms over head and feet hip width apart (or slightly closer together)
  • Squat down and reach for the ground, hands placed half a foot in front of your toes
  • With hands planted, kick feet back into push up position
  • Complete full push up, with elbows in close to the body
  • Hop back into to narrow squat
  • Explode out of the hole and follow through with a nice straight jump in hollow body position