It is all on today, busy day at the gym, starting with:

Bring a Friend Free Intro Workout at 9am

Free to all. Does not count as a weekly visit.

“MedBall Medley”

1 Ball – 2 People
60 Wall Ball (20/14# to 10/9′)
60 Push Ups (on ball)
60 Jumps (over ball)
60 Lunges (with ball)
60 Sit Ups (with ball)
600 meter Run (with ball)
30 Wall Ball
30 Push Ups
30 Jumps
30 Lunges
30 Sit ups
400m Run

All movements are done with a medball.  Push ups on the ball, jumps over the ball, medball sit ups. Partners work together to get reps done and run together with their ball.


“How Yoga can help your Snatch”

November 1, 10am – 11:30, CrossFit Tool Box – Yoga, Workshop Led by Sarah Harmer:

How it works – using breath & posture to decrease tension

How to increase your flexibility

Improve over all performance

How to counteract the effects of sitting all day

Sarah is a qualified Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and HR. Her day job is a Workplace Wellbeing Consultant. She works with businesses to improve the performance and productivity of their staff by improving their fitness, health and happiness.

This is a free workshop, we are asking for a gold coin donations, all donations go to Child and Family Services

NZFL logo

NZ Fitness League

At 3pm we host the first round of the season, pitting the MaD CrossFit Team against Upper Hutt CrossFit. Come on down and support the crew through five workouts during their 90 minutes of “fun”.

Member of the Month – Tink

Tink MOM Nov 2014

What I hate to see on the board: WALLBALLS!!

Learn more about Tink on our Member of the Month page HERE