We are having the floors in the bathrooms and kitchen redone and they need time to dry, so get yourselves outside to enjoy this changeable Spring weather 🙂


Yesterday our MaD Team took on WOF CrossFit in Porirua. 5 Workouts in 90 minutes testing all sorts of movements and skills. They came away with their second win 🙂

NZFL Round 2


Quick Hits: What Impact Will Next Year’s Games Season Changes Have?

Add a scaled division to the Open
  • The reason has to be money, right?  Not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that.  But HQ is likely seeing that there is an untapped market of athletes looking to compete who may not have quite the capacity to handle the Open.
  • That being said, I have to believe that market is not huge.  What I would expect is a lot of beginner-level athletes who would otherwise have entered the Open will switch to the scaled division.  I’m not sure there will be a ton of increased participation solely due to this division.  Measuring this will be tricky, to be sure.

Hook Grip or Not Overhead in the Snatch

 The main issue while holding a barbell overhead is stability: obviously the athlete needs to be able to support the weight. The hand and wrist need to be able to settle in under the weight of the bar to create a cradle that balances the weight properly and doesn”t cause injury. Lifters need to condition the joints over time to this stress, but a proper position is imperative.