From 10am to Noon. There will be an Olympic Weightlifting option, a Powerlifting option, as well as a CrossFit workout. You can also use this time as an Open Gym Session, just make sure you have a plan. If you are feelng the effects of yesterday’s efforts come on in and mobilise.

NZ Fitness League

The team took on CrossFit Porirua yesterday. Great effort by everyone during a tough match. Came away with our first loss but looking forward to seeing how we did on the national level as we were close all day.


Paule and Mandy ready to take the weight from Jen, GO TEAM!

 SUNDAY READING/WATCHING – bit of an Oly theme today 🙂

Six Truths of Olympic Weightlifting Technique

But when you sift through it all, there are a few universal Truths when it comes to the snatch and clean. If you can make these following six things happen with a given technical style, you can probably make it work for you.

The 5 Best Olympic Weightlifting Shoes for Lifting and CrossFit

It can be informative to read a review of a model of weightlifting shoe. But it would be more informative to learn how multiple models stack up against each other, right?