1200m run (Twice around the block)

50 Pullups

40 Overhead Walking Lunges 20/10kg

30 Hand release Burpees

20 Zercher squats 20/10kg

10 Handstand Pushups (kipping allowed)


800m run (2 x 400m or Once around block + 200m)

30 Body Rows

20 OH Walking Lunges 20/10kg

20 Hand release Burpees

20 Zercher Squats 20/10kg

20 Pushups

Compare to June 24.

EVENTS – Last one for 2014

2013 Pre Christmas Partner Challenge

Pre Christmas Partner Challenge

Sat 20 Dec starting at 9am


“It was a few days before Christmas and all through the gym, sweaty bodies lay everywhere just trying to get a breath in”

An exaggeration I am sure, but with Christmas nearly upon us it is time to pit yourself (and a friend) against the rest of the members. Then once bragging rights have been settled, we can cook some meat and hang out.

This is a partner challenge so pick carefully.  You get to choose who is on your side for this series of 3 challenges. We plan on 3 separate workouts to test your combined fitness.

There will be 3 categories; Men, Women and Mixed. The events will be achievable by all.