Pre Christmas Partner Challenge

Thanks to all who took part , supported or joined us for the BBQ after at the Pre Christmas Partner Challenge yesterday. It was an awesome day, good competition, great support and great food at the BBQ. Check Facebook and Flikr for pics from yesterday. Special thanks to the BBQ Crew, our coaches and members who stepped up to run heats, our crack score inputting team and everyone who helped us out during set up and pack up.
Top mixed teams:
3. Salt and Pepper – Roxanne and Wa
2. Team Firecracker – Grant and Yas
1. Hot Cross Buns – Jen and D.t.
Top womens team:
3. MaD as PaT – Paule and Tracey K.
2. The SWAT Team – Anita and Sarah (CF Kapiti)
1. Lightweight Baby – Tash and Nadia
Top mens team:
3. Tight and Bright – Ants and Ben
2. Team Ramrod – Casey and Woodrow
1. Chalk Dirty to Me – Kelvin and Adam

Best results overall went to Team Chalk Dirty To Me – Kelvin and Adam

Kelvin getting air



*If you are up for it there is a workout today at 11am today, 12 Days of Christmas CF New England style, bring a beer for day 12 🙂

WED Dec 24 – 9am CLASS ONLY

THU Dec 25 to THU Jan 1 – CLOSED

FRI Jan 2
9am CLASS ONLY 10am – 11am OPEN GYM

SAT Jan 3
9am CLASS ONLY 10am – 11am OPEN GYM


MON Jan 5 – Normal Schedule Resumes


How To Get the Most Out of CrossFit Group Classes

Know Your Numbers
The more experienced members at your gym aren’t writing in their dream journals after class, they are  keeping notes in their training logs, and you are encouraged, nay, expected, to keep one too.

Homeostasis: The Basis of Training

The concept of homeostasis is an absolutely vital one. To understand it is to understand how organisms can live in a wider range of environmental settings. It also provides the understanding for how an athlete can adapt to a an increasing stress load in the form of training stimuli.

 One strong young dude