Back to our usual program on Sundays

Sunday Strength Session From 10am to Noon. As always, there will be an Olympic Weightlifting option, a Powerlifting option, as well as a CrossFit workout. You can also use this time as an Open Gym Session, just make sure you have a plan. As mentioned in the newsletter, this is a free session for our Unlimited members but will count as an extra session for anyone else.

The Open is Over

So another year has passed and we say goodbye to another CrossFit Games Open. This year introduced the scaled division so that was all a bit new and interesting. It was great to see folks hitting some movements for the 1st time, especially those who got their first pull up or first muscle up 🙂 There were also a number of PR’s, some of which were repeated multiple times:-) Once again I think you guys learned a lot about yourselves during the five workouts. I learned that a focus on Oly lifting helped my lifts but hurt my metcon. What did you learn? – Matt.

Heat 2 15.5 Sat Session

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The Strength Coach’s Guide to Squat Variations

Here’s a final story to lead us out. About four years ago, my wife, one of my staff members, my first son (long story … I only have one son, but I’ve found a son and daughter to call my own) and I traveled to elitefts™ for an UGSS or LTT. Jim Wendler was there, and we were just talking to him about life. Whenever I see Jim, he makes me laugh. One person who was with us asked Jim why he sometimes squats in chucks and, at other times, squats in Olympic shoes. Jim’s answer was exactly what I expected from him. He said, “They can remove a pig’s heart, remove your heart, place the pig’s heart in your body, attach it, and you can live. And you’re worried about a one-inch heel on your shoe?”

The answer must not have been enough because this same person said, “But how do you decide when to wear each pair?” Jim replied, “The ones that are on top are the ones I wear.” The point is teach good technique and don’t major in the minor.