Sunday Strength Session

From 10am to Noon. As always, there will be an Olympic Weightlifting option, a Powerlifting option, as well as a CrossFit workout. You can also use this time as an Open Gym Session, just make sure you have a plan. As mentioned in the newsletter, this is a free session for our Unlimited members but will count as an extra session for anyone else.


One for you gear heads

Type 3 Diabetes, The Next Epidemic?

What if I said that type 3 diabetes is likely to be the next major epidemic that we face? You might be thinking “Type 3 diabetes? Is that such a thing?” You may know type 3 diabetes by another name, Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Yes, AD is a form of diabetes.

Before You Squat: Physical and Mental Preparation

Step one is to be prepared physically for your squats. This can apply to programming, i.e. don’t be trying to do weights, reps, and sets you shouldn’t be, but in this case I mean being prepared for the actual movement. Often squats are performed at or near the end of a workout, and if those workouts include things like snatching and cleaning, you’re more than likely pretty warm. However, if you’re squatting first or after exercises that don’t include some kind of squatting motion, take the time to prepare.