Max Effort UPPER

Push Press 1 RM or 2 x 8 work up to a heavy double.

Max Effort = working up to a heavy single. On max effort days it is not expected that you get a 1RM PR, it is simply working up to heavy single based on how you feel for that session.


Dips 3 x 10

Accessory Work

Scheduled accessory work on certain days. The ‘work’ is to be completed throughout the ‘lift of the day’.

Eg. Warm up sets, 1 set of lift, 1 set of acc work, 1 set of lift, 1 set of acc work etc..



10! KBS 24/16kg

1 Suicide 0-5-10-15m


10! KB Russian Swings 24/16

1 Suicide 0-5-10-15m

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