Sunday Strength

10am til Noon as usual. Not limited to lifting, you can work on your body weight skills or anything you like really.

BaD As Practice

Open gym format 10am til Noon, practice your lifts. Work out your warm up strategy. Try out your opening weights. Also open to the guys as well, to use as an Open Gym session


4 Techniques To Instantly Improve Your Freestanding Handstand

The wall was great for improving strength, building endurance, and reinforcing your line. But you’re not actually “standing on your hands” when using the wall for support. Just as you held onto the couch while learning to stand as a baby, you’ve used the wall to help you become comfortable standing on your hands.

Get Cozy Down There: Improving The Snatch & Jerk Receiving Positions

From now on, until you never drop a snatch or jerk from overhead unintentionally, hold every snatch, power snatch, jerk, power jerk, overhead squat or snatch balance in the receiving position for 2-3 seconds before recovering. And when you do recover, hold onto the bar for a second before you drop it.