Today we host the May round of the Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand Club Champions League. Two sessions. Ladies weigh in from 9am and start lifting at 10am. Men weigh in from 11am and start lifting at 12pm. Come on down and support the lifters.


The High Costs and Not-So-Sexy Side of Being a Pro Athlete

At my seminars, I usually hear someone say something like, “It’s easy for you because you don’t have to work,” or, “I’d be good too if I didn’t have to work.”

Master the Kettlebell Snatch

In kettlebell sport, the snatch is both an independent event and is coupled with the jerk for the “biathlon.” The goal of the competition is to complete as many reps as possible in 10 minute with only one hand switch. Elite females use a 24kg bell for this event while elite males use a 32kg.

One very fast young man

Luis Mosquera (69, Colombia) – 150kg/186kg as a Junior