Recover from BaD As or just take an enforced Rest Day. Classes are on tomorrow at 9am and 10am, see you then 🙂


Thanks to all the lifters, supporters and BaD As Crew we can’t run these events without you all. Special thanks to those who helped us out as officials on the day. Casey, Woodrow, Liam, Ben P., K.J., Emma W, Lou, Tammy, Gareth, Grant, Kelvin, Allison, Lisa G, Stephen, Dom, Kasey and Wa.


Official results are HERE.

BaD As VI Score Board

The whiteboard tells the story.


Congratulations to our winners:

1st with a score of 4.66kg/kg was Jazmin Hepi, from CrossFit Whanganui, a donation of $250 will be made to her charity: Wellington Children’s Hospital.

2nd with a score of 4.43kg/kg was Panda (Laura Mittenthal) from CrossFit Auckland, a donation of $150 will be made to her charity: Women’s Refuge.

3rd with a score of 4.42kg/kg was Colleen Hill, from MaD CrossFit, a donation of $100 will be made to her charity: Kids Can.

Congratulations for our heaviest lifters:

Back Squat: Darrelle Toki 132.5kg

Bench Press: Leone Nuku and Vanessa Tresch 80kg

Clean & Jerk: Jazmin Hepi 85kg

Best Strongwoman score: Anna Thompson moved 3057kg in 4 minutes.

Congratulations also to CrossFit Whanganui for taking away the BaD As Team Spirit prize for their positive attitude and support of others at this years event.


Feedback – The last 6 weeks?

So we played with a few different lifts and rep patterns over the last 6 weeks. Did this result in improved technique and/or numbers? Let us know what you thought of it.

Why Some CrossFit Athletes Dominate the Open and Fail Regionals

There are also always athletes who barely sneak into the Regionals but who end up with a top ten finish once there. And, vice versa, there are athletes who finish top ten in the Open and end up somewhere near the bottom of the pack in the Regionals. Why does this happen?