Sunday Strength

10am til Noon as usual. Not limited to lifting, you can work on your body weight skills or anything you like really.

Winter getting you down?

We know sometimes motivation, especially in the winter months, can be a struggle. If you are having trouble reaching your goals, setting new goals, or just need a bit of a push to keep up with your training, please email Matt or Donna and we’ll set up a time for a chat.


“These 8 Tips Will Transform Your WOD Results”

1.  Don’t turn metcons into strength workouts.

How to Pick Your Attempts for Your First Powerlifting Meet

In the past few years, there has been a rising interest in powerlifting and competing in powerlifting events. But on meet day, there can be a lot on the plate of a new competitive lifter, including concerns about when to eat food, when and what to drink, how and when to warm up, and how to choose the weights for your attempts.

Breathing, it’s for everyone

When you think of your core, I want you to think of a canister. A strong, stable, canister that has both ends facing each other.