Bench Press 3 x 5 – @ 85% of 1RM (or aim for 5 x 5 final set weight)



10 Min Cap
Pull Up
WallBall 20/14# to 10′
Deadlift 100/75kg


10 Min Cap
Body Row
WallBall 20/14# to 10/9′
Deadlift 75/50kg


We have 3 teams at the CCW Winter Throwdown being held on Saturday at CrossFit Central Wellington on Taranaki St in Wellington. As a result there is no Skill Session or Open Gym on Saturday. Instead we will be headed into town to support our teams.

MaD Strength (Team Green) – Colleen and Grant

MaD CrossFit (Team Purple) – Mandy and Andy

MaD as Bro (Team Black, AKA Team Hurricane) – Roxanne and Matt


Wraps, Belts, and Straps for Weightlifting

Most lifters don’t like to use a belt in the snatch (including me), but there are some that do. There’s certainly nothing wrong with it as long as the bar doesn’t hit the buckle on the way up. Some lifters don’t use one at all, for anything. The heaviest clean and jerk of all time was done without a belt and the vast majority of lifters don’t use it for the snatch. It’s just a matter of personal preference.