“It was a few days before Christmas and all through the gym, sweaty bodies lay everywhere just trying to get a breath in”

Starting at 9am we plan on 3 separate workouts to test your teams combined fitness. There are 3 categories; Men, Women and Mixed.

Then once bragging rights have been settled, we can cook some meat and hang out. If you can’t make the workout, you are welcome to attend the BBQ.


Event 1:  As many attempts as you like in 30 minutes to lift max weight for: Clean and Shoulder to Overhead
Score is combined max weight lifted kg for kg. Only one partner can attempt each lift.
Clean and Shoulder to Overhead will increase in weight by 2.5kg.

Event 2: Working together once around the block (600m) for time carrying 1 x log and 2 x KB’s
Men 2 x 24kg KB 1 x 22kg Log, Mixed 1 x 24kg 1 x 20kg KB 1 x 11kg Log, Women 2 x 16kg KB 1 x 11kg Log

Event 3: Row 2015m – minimum 250m One partner to be rowing while the other works on the other movements. Once the 2015m is complete both partners can complete the remaining work. One working at a time, break up the reps however you want. Convert time to seconds for score. Time Cap 12 MIN any uncompleted m or reps will score 1 additional second.
50 Lateral Paralette Jumps 20/12” – minimum 10
30 OH Lunge Steps 15/10kg – minimum 10 steps (If you can’t go knee to deck, double the reps)
50 Burpees – Minimum 10 Burpees
50 Russian KB Swings 24/16kg – Minimum 10 Swings (12kg 80 Swings)


Need childcare in the New Year? Just up the road from the gym.