Pre Christmas Partner Challenge

Another fun challenge yesterday with the weather cooperating for our BBQ afterwards as well. Great to have so many folks taking part and enjoying the workouts and great food afterwards. Congrats to those who hit PR’s on the Clean or Shoulder to Overhead. We may have to add a costume award next year so that our Hobbits, Zombies, Angels and Elves get some recognition. Head on over to our facebook page to check out ALL the pics.

Mandy Clean PCPC

Tuesday (Mandy) going for her max clean.


Clever Hobbits – can’t see the log at all in that invisibility cloak

Top Mens Teams: 1st Rainbow Butt Baboons (Chris and Steve), 2nd Generation Gap (Stephen and Kasey), 3rd Not so fit but MaD (Gareth and Franco)

Top Womens Teams: 1st Watch Yo Back! (Nadia and Paule), 2nd Bestie Beasties (Mandy and Yvette), 3rd RA (Renee and Ana)

Top Mixed Teams: 1st Wish we had trained for this (Woodrow and Anna), 2nd The Gymnast and The Ginger (Samara and Grant), 3rd DaM MaD (Matt and Donna).

Top 3 teams PCPC 2016

After 3 workouts bragging rights go to Team: Watch Yo Back!(Nadia and Paule) Overall winners of the challenge with 1st place finish in the Kg for Kg event and 2nd overall in the other two workouts.

Thanks again to all those who pitched in to make the challenge a success, we can’t do these without your help.



Just ’cause no one asked for it, we’re going to provide wretched “Aphorisms into CrossFittisms.”

If you don’t have something nice to say … you must be in the middle of the warm-up. Holy sh**.