Clean 2 x 8 – work up to a heavy double. If you are new, work from the hang.

Biggest Cleans at the Pre Christmas Partner Challenge

Men – Kasey 120, Matt 112.5, Franco and Kelly 105.

Ladies – Paule 72.5, Mandy and Lea 62.5kg, Samara and Tracey 55.


15 Min AMRAP
20 KBS 24/16kg
15 Push Balls 20/14# to 10′
50 Double Unders

15 Min AMRAP
20 Russian KBS
15 Push Balls 20/14# to 9′
100 Single Skips

Xmas Hours 2015


Olympic Weightlifting Skill Levels Chart

Update April 2015: The chart has been updated with the most recent competition results, a new level has been added, and the calculations for some of the figures have been changed. Most importantly, relativity to bodyweight is more accurate, i.e. the abillity of lighter classes to lift more than the heavier classes relative to bodyweight is better reflected in the figures.