After a couple of days of celebrating Christmas it might be time to take a break. We are CLOSED again today, but here is your body weight option:


Body Weight 3 (BW3)
Run 200m
10 Squats
10 Push-ups


Carbo Load of Crap

“I spent 33 years of my life telling athletes that they must carbohydrate load … . And I was the first in the world to produce these GUs that people lived their races on. … I apologize because that was completely wrong,” he said.

How To Destroy Your Child’s Athletic Future In 3 Easy Steps

I worked with some wonderful parents that contributed greatly to their child’s successes.  But I unfortunately witnessed more parents, sometime unwittingly and always with the best intentions, sabotage their child’s athletic future.  If they had just heeded a few simple rules, or examined a few of their motives, not only would their child been a better athlete, they would have been a better competitor, happier, and healthier child