Last closure for the season. More Open Gym tomorrow and back to regular classes on Tuesday.


10 Rounds for QUALITY

That is correct, there is no time component to this workout. Focus on the positions and looking good.

30 Sec Handstand Hold (Scale to plank)

30 Sec Squat Sit Hold (Stay active, don’t bottom out)


 Applies to both CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until You are “Good Enough” to Compete

It took a lot to courage to enter a competition when I did not feel confident. And like most things in life, you are never truly ready and there may never be “the right time.” But lifting and competing have come to become my favorite things in life and I shudder at the thought if I hadn’t even tried. The time is now…find GOOD coaching, a supportive environment, and sign up for that first meet. Lift your heart out, we are ALL athletes!

Female Guns: A History of Women in Strength & Physique Sports

Everybody thought they knew when Rachel McLish won the world. She was muscular, and also perfectly symmetrical and coordinated, but most of all she could be put in a dress and taken home to mother. But in a short period of time following Rachel McLish’s reign as world champion, if you put a world-class female bodybuilder in a dress, she could not be taken home to mother or many other places because they looked like men tricked out in women’s clothing.

I have posted this before, but it is worth repeating.

Showing Up

A large part of fitness is showing up and doing the work.

Ditto for friendship, parenting, relationships, and writing (or whatever your skill set is).