“Team Loaded”

In teams of 3 or 4. 2 Rounds For Time and Load of: Waiters Walk 400m Farmers Walk 400m Cross Walk 400m (switch sides as needed) Sandbag Shoulder Carry 600m Sandbag Hug Carry (Can be replaced with a Slamball Cradle carry) 600m Log Carry 400m Walks can be done in any order. As Heavy As Possible.

Complete the carries as a team with one person working at a time.
Suggested loadings: Walks 24/16kg, Sandbags 20/10kg Logs 20/10kg Slamballs 20/12kg

45 Minute time cap

Hopefully the weather will co-operate this time 🙂

SKILL SESSION AT 10am – Olympic Weightlifting

Come in and work on your Snatch 🙂



James has been helping us integrate Cilla into our pack, he will be able to help you to.