No Sunday Strength Session today. Come on down and support your local Olympic Weightlifters. Lifting starts at 10am.

If you want to get involved, find out more about 41° Weightlifting Club HERE.


Is Running Enough for Leg Strength?

“I don’t need to do squats. I run!” Have you ever heard this? I have. The question: does running give you adequate leg development, so that you can concentrate on your biceps? No, it doesn’t. In my experience and that of coaches I’ve spoken to, runners are among the weakest trainees we see. I’ve had healthy marathoners who couldn’t squat 45lbs.


“The Knee Sleeves Do Nothing!”

With the Open almost upon us and 16.1 on the horizon, I’ll offer the one thing you need to remember in order to bypass the tension and truly thrive in the Open:

Everything is OK.