Closed for Easter Sunday, take your fitness outside and try something new or something you have not done in a while.


Yesterday, CrossFit posted a video I made called “Potential.” As of this morning, it had about 1.3 million views here on Facebook. To say that surprises me is an understatement.

I did my best to read & respond to as many of the comments as I could, though it got kind of overwhelming. Most of them are positive. Some criticized the lack of diversity (lots of young, stud, white girls & little else). I get that, especially regarding race, & I’ll work harder in the future to be better.
We’re in an interesting period now. Technology is giving voice to many who have never had one before, & for reasons of both timing & prescience, The CrossFit Games have been able to take advantage of that as well as anything else I’ve seen. Maybe they saw how prevalent live-streaming would become. Maybe they realized how social media would grow to be all-encompassing. Maybe they just got lucky. Doesn’t matter.
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To avoid any frustrations, I will get straight to the point – there is no universal squat routine and for sure no ideal ratio between front and back squats. That does not come from modern weightlifting science not being able to figure out this mythic ideal pattern or elite athletes not being eager to share one.

For those geeking out on the CrossFit Games Open

16.4 Workout Analysis and Breakdown

This workout gave us an alternating pull-push format. Deadlifts (pull) were followed by wall balls (push), then rowing (pull) and handstand push-ups (push). This allowed the respective muscles to recover somewhat before they were asked to work again in a slightly different manner.