3 Position Clean and Jerk (Jerk at each position)

3 Positions: Power Position, Hang above knee and floor.

You will have 20-25 mins to work up to a heavy set.  Record your heaviest 5 sets.


15 Min AMRAP
20 KBS 24/16kg
15 Push Balls 20/14# to 10′
50 Double Unders

15 Min AMRAP
20 Russian KBS 24/16kg
15 Push Balls 20/14# to 9′
100 Single Skips


Nutrigrain does not build Iron Men (or Women) + an Up and Go isn’t breakfast

The problem isn’t carbohydrates per se. It’s that processed carbohydrate has pervaded the diet to the extent that we now view it as an essential part of every meal at the expense of fat and protein which provide essential fatty acids and amino acids for healthy growth, development and recovery. This is especially true for children. It can get confusing though when cereal companies spend the big bucks persuading the consumer that products such as Nutrigrain or Special K are a nutritious, substantial start to the day.