Thruster 1 x 5 – Using a rack, work up to a heavy single. NO press outs. If you are new work triples.


Back Squat 1 x 20 – Start weight is Bodyweight or 50% 1RM whichever is lighter.
Look to add 2.5 to 5kg each time you do this.


Row 500m
Rest 5 min
Row 500m

Record each individual time as well as the total time for both 500m efforts.


An adapted version of a regular class, come in and see how we do things at MaD.

The ‘Bring a Friend’ Group Class is designed for someone who is currently excising on a regular basis and interested in learning more about our program.  You can come in with an existing member or book in with us before the day. In this session we start with a warm up and take you through a group class at MaD Strength & Conditioning.  We coach you through some of the movements so you get a feel for how we teach, and take you through a partner or team workout.  Afterwards we’ll cool down, talk about what we do in a regular class and what the next step is to join.

Although ‘Bring a Friend’ is not our typical Monday – Friday class, you’ll get a feel for the way things run.

Next dates: Thursday July 7th at 6:30pm and Saturday July 9th at 9am.

Free class for all, does not count as one of your weekly visits.