Hopper Deck Day

Like the previous Hopper Deck sessions we will be selecting a workout from the “Hopper Deck”. Everyone has to agree to the workout, otherwise it is 10 Burpees to draw another card.

If the next class wants to do the same workout as the previous one there is a 10 burpee buy in. Otherwise they can take a chance and draw their own card.


“Ask Amy The RD”: But I Don’t ‘Like’ Vegetables…

There are a WHOLE LOT of people that “don’t like vegetables”. I’m not talking about not liking one or two vegetables – but rather, “all vegetables” – well, except for potatoes, corn and sometimes some of the other starchies (sweet potatoes, parsnips, winter squash, etc.). But at the mention spinach, broccoli or even green beans and these veggie haters think you’re from the devil. It’s insane. These are usually the same people that think that being healthy and/or eating Paleo means all meat, fat and bacon (because in their world’s bacon is its own food group…). Also, these folks often come to me wondering why they aren’t seeing results (feeling better, energy improvements, weight loss, etc.). AND every damn time I tell them that they’re doing it wrong  – I am met with fierce opposition and an directed to or told about some website that they got their expert information from. Seriously internet, you’re KILLING me!!