In Teams of Two:

4 Rounds
600 Meter Run (Round the block)
50 Wall Ball Shots (20/14#) 10/9 ft.
6 Alternating Rope Climbs/ 12 Alternating Rope Lowers
30 Alternating Box Jumps 20 inches

This workout begins with one team member completing an 600 meter run while the second team member completes 50 Wall Ball shots. When the 600m Run and Wall Ball Shots are completed, both athletes move on to the Rope Climb and Box Jump section. The climb and the Jumps must be done as a team and must be alternated between each member. For example, Athlete 1 does a rope climb, athlete 2 does the 2nd rope climbs, etc…. same for the box jumps. The 2nd Round begins with the athlete who did round 1’s wall ball shots to run 600 meters while the other athlete does the 50 wall ball shots. Continue this pattern through rounds 3 and 4.


Next Level Training will consist of a little bit of friendly competition while being held to standard and practicing some team work. Although designed for experienced members we will have scaled options available.

We will be doing CrossFit Games Open Workouts, New Zealand Fitness League Team Workouts and a few other things we don’t normally do in class.

If you are keen to compete, or are not sure if you are ready, then this session is a great place to find out where you are at.

Next Level Training


What Does 30X0 Mean? – Why I Like Tempo Training

Quality of movement should be your first priority.  Intensity comes only after one can consistently demonstrate the proper mechanics of a movement.  Proper tempo prescriptions can help athletes develop awareness and body control by giving them an opportunity to “feel” which muscle groups are activating to keep them in proper positions.