“Max Rep Test”

Team WOD: In teams of 3-4, complete 5-min stations for Max Reps
Calorie Row (Switch every 10 pulls)
Wall ball shots 20/14# to 10/9′
Farmers Walk 10m 2 x 24/16kg (Every 10m = 3 reps)
Tire Flips and jumps (Flip tire and jump onto, into and over it)
100m Sandbag runs (two teammates may run at once, each run = 10 Reps) 20/10kg Sandbags
**2-min between stations to write score on the teams board and switch.


Your opportunity to do what you want.  But remember the rules:

Have a plan.
Know what workout you want to do or lift you want to work.
The coach is there to help but this is not a personal training session.
Work your “goats”.


Good luck to Matt and Paule lifting in both the Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand Masters Nationals and Functional Strength Postal Finals in Auckland this weekend. Have fun, lift heavy and may all your lights be white.

Paule 41 Degrees


How Much Ya Bench?

The other reason bench press is less common in CrossFit is because the focus on functional movement leads many gyms to emphasize the push press, press, jerk and dip. As Bill Starr pointed out in “The Role of Bench Press in Strength Training,” Olympic lifters have historically avoided benching because pectoral muscles don’t play much of a role in overhead lifting. He also noted it was generally accepted that bench pressing could decrease shoulder flexibility, which is key to weightlifting. However, as Starr argued in the article, the bench works the deltoids and the triceps, both of which are used in pressing and jerking.