Pendlay Row 6 x 4

Work to 4 heavy sets of 6 reps, if you have done 5 x 5’s before aim for a similar or the same weight for that extra rep.


15 Minute AMRAP
100m Farmers Walk 24/16kg
15 Pull Ups
100m Farmers Walk
15 Squats

15 Minute AMRAP
100m Farmers Walk 20/12 or 12.5kg
15 Body Rows
100m Farmers Walk
15 Squats


Lots of opinions out there, but this summarizes the differences:

Physiotherapy vs Chiropractic vs Osteopathy

There are many similarities between the professions which include;

  • we all treat musculoskeletal pain conditions;
  • we all have protected titles, meaning that a therapist cannot call themselves an a Chiropractor, an Osteopath or a Physiotherapist, unless they have completed the relevant accredited course;
  • we all have university based education.

Put simply, the main difference is in the philosophy of each profession. However, there are also fundamental differences in the approach we take with people.