Bench Press 3 x 5 – Work up to a heavy set of 3. Looking to establish your 3 Rep max.


16 Minute EMOM
5 Ring Dips
1 rope climb
5 bench press 60/40kg
15 weighted sit-ups 15/10kg

16 Minute EMOM
5 Dips (Dip Station Rx)
2 rope lowers
5 bench press 50/30kg
10 weighted sit-ups 12/9kg


Saturday Skill Session at 10am will be Yoga with Maddie.  It will be a restorative yoga class working on shoulders, opening up the front of the body and some long hold postures, all on the floor, then a relaxation piece at the end 🙂 the body will cool down so something warm to put on is great and a small cushion if you have one (or an Ab Mat).