‘24 Min Partner AMRAP’
30 Burpee
Overhead barbell hold 50/35/25kg
One person must be holding the bar overhead for burpees to count*

30 Front squat
Pull up bar hang
One person must be hanging from pull up bar for front squats to count*

*Partners must swap if the ‘hold’ person stops.

Run 200m with 3 x slam ball/med ball per team (must take heaviest available)


Come in and learn to do some self maintenance.

ELDOA Mobility Skills Session

NZFL MaD Strength Vs MaD Bandits @11:30am

Round 4 of the NZ Fitness League happens today. Both our teams are home this week, playing one another. Come on down and support both teams as they go head to head.

NZFL MaD Bandits