Our first comp of 2017, keeping it small to ease back into it. Lifting starts at 10am.


MaD CrossFit Games Open Intramural

Everyones scores count, whether you do the scaled or Rx  version of each workout your points will still be added towards the total team score.

We will make sure the ‘heavy hitters’ are spread out evenly on each team, and the rest of you will be added as you sign up.

The team Captains are: Roxanne, Gareth, Woodrow and Jean.

The team names are:  Mother Thrusters (Roxanne – Black), WOD Tang Clan (Gareth – Orange), Mayhem Freedom Wannabes (Woodrow – Red, White and Blue) and Snatch and Grab (Jean – Green).

Members are not required to register for the open. We have a registration form so we know who’s playing and to divide up teams.

MaD CF Games OPEN Intramural – SIGN UP HERE