5 Rounds For Load of:

5 Hang Power Clean
5 Front Squats
5 Shoulder To Overhead

Break this up as you need to. S2OH can be Press/Push Press/Push Jerk or Split Jerk


Come join us for the live Open announcement at 2pm. What will week two of the Open bring us?

LCHF…why isn’t it working for me? (Part 2)

You’ve upped your alcohol intake because red wine and white spirits are “allowed” on LCHF. This might not even be intentional, but dropping your carbohydrate intake can lead to increased alcohol cravings, especially if your fat intake is too low, or your food intake is too low, or your stress levels are chronically too high. Or perhaps, you enjoy a moderate amount of alcohol but are continuing to gain weight on the LCHF diet.