Jerk 5 x 5 – Split or Push Jerk, work to a heavy set of 5.


10 Min AMRAP
5 DB Thrusters 20/15kg (Feel free to use our current 22.5kg DB’s)
10 Weighted Sit Ups 1 x 20/15kg DB
15 KB Swings 24/16kg

10 Min AMRAP
5 DB Thrusters 15/10kg
10 Sit Ups
15 Russian KB Swings 24/16kg


Is Your Low-Carb Diet Really a Low-Carb Diet?

Would you call a diet that contains 75-150 grams of carbohydrate a low-carb diet? If so, then you’re not alone. I think most people, including the vast majority of nutritionists and dietitians, would answer yes to that question.