Overhead Squat 3 x 5 – Work up to a heavy set of 3, look to find a 3RM.


3 Position Snatch – Snatch from:
1. Power Position
2. Above Knee
3. Floor (with pause at Knee)
20-25 minutes to work up to a heavy set. Record your 5 heaviest sets.


12 Min AMRAP
200m OH Plate Carry 20/10kg
10 Pull Ups
20 Lateral Plate Jumps

12 Min AMRAP
200m Plate Carry 10/5kg
10 Body Rows
20 Lateral Plate Jumps
5 HR Push Ups

MASH UP @6:30pm – ZUU Training

The fitness world is ever evolving. Have you ever seen someone do something and thought to yourself “That looks interesting, I wonder if I could do that?”. Then why not give ZUU a go? A low impact, HIIT workout, using multiple muscle groups and your own body weight. As the name suggests, it’s a workout based around animal movements. If crawling like a bear, squatting like a frog, walking like a gorilla or many others has you intrigued, then why not join us at MaD this Thursday at 6.30pm for a workout like no other to see for yourself. A 45 minute class will have the heart rate up and the sweat dripping, and it’s open to all fitness levels. This workout is designed to Liberate Human Movement and improve functional strength.


Silly Cilla in May last year