“Team Loaded”

In teams of 3 or 4. 2 Rounds For Time and Load of: Waiters Walk 400m Farmers Walk 400m Cross Walk 400m (switch sides as needed) Sandbag Shoulder Carry 600m Sandbag Hug Carry (Can be replaced with a Slamball Cradle carry) 600m Log Carry 400m Walks can be done in any order. As Heavy As Possible.

Complete the carries as a team with one person working at a time.
Suggested loadings: Walks 24/16kg, Sandbags 20/10kg Logs 20/10kg Slamballs 20/12kg

45 Minute time cap


ROMWOD stands for Range Of Motion Workout Of the Day. It is a website that provides daily videos designed to increase range of motion, optimize athletic performance, and promote recovery, healing, and longevity. … But range of motion is not an issue that is present only in the gym. Available in the gym between classes or at Open Gym, ask a coach to put it on the screen for you. Today we will go over what ROMWOD is and how to use it, as well as running you through a longer 30-40min ROMWOD session.

Want to do ROMWOD at home? Follow the link below for a free 14 day trial.
ROMWOD - Optimize Your Range of Motion


Free Intro Workout

Our Free Intro Group Class is designed to suit any level of fitness  and is interested in learning more about our program.  You can come in with an existing member or book in with us before the day. In this session we start with a warm up and take you through a group class at MaD Strength & Conditioning.  We coach you through some of the movements so you get a feel for how we teach, and take you through a partner or team workout.  Afterwards we’ll cool down, talk about what we do in a regular class and what the next step is to join.

Although ‘Bring a Friend’ is not our typical Monday – Friday class, you’ll get a feel for the way things run.

Next dates: Thursday August 31st at 6:30pm, Saturday September 2nd at 9am. 

Free class for all, does not count as one of your weekly visits.


Pelorus Trust Run and Walk – Sunday 10 Sep

This year is the 30th anniversary of the annual Pelorus Trust RUN & WALK Event.  The Hutt Valley’s premier running and walking event.  A flat and scenic course along both sides of the Hutt River.

With a Half Marathon, 10km, 5km Fun Run and the ‘Cool Kid’s Kilometre’, this event offers something for everyone – regardless of speed, age and ability.

New for 2017 is the first ever 30th anniversary full Marathon!

Nov 16, 2017 Freestyle Connection Workshop with Carl Paoli – Wellington, New Zealand

This is a 3 hour workshop designed to be an exploration of movement thru the Freestyle Connection framework. The seminar will help attendees set movements standard and learn to create universal progressions. Sign up HERE.

Specifically Carl will address:
– Freestyle Connection Framework. A universal language for movement.
– Principles of Motor Control
– Pushing and Pullling
– The theory of Blocking Movement.

This seminar is designed to help you:
* Turn on and trust your intuition about movement
* Use tools that help optimize imperfect movement
* Tap into the universal movement patterns and progressions underlying all disciplines
* Use Carl Paoli’s movement framework to create roadmaps for your physical success
* Learn what being strong really means

41 Degrees WLC

41° Weightlifting Club Olympic Weightlifting Comp – Sun Sep 3rd 2017

This Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand sanctioned competition is open to all MaD CrossFit members and any registered OWNZ lifters. Lifters from other gyms and CrossFit Affiliates welcome as well. You will have 3 attempts at both the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. We will run this in accordance with OWNZ and IWF rules. Sign up and surprise yourself. Weigh in at 9am.


Want to know more about 41° Weightlifting Club, check out the page HERE.