Press 4 x 4 – Use 70 – 80% of your 1 Rep Max. If you are new work to a challenging weight across all 4 sets.


12 Minute AMRAP
5 Over Head Squats 50/30kg
10 K2E
30 Double Unders

5 OHS 20/15kg
10 Sit Ups
60 Singles


48 real snack ideas for the uninspired

We’ve got to be realistic – a good diet (and decent snacks) don’t happen by accident. These types of ideas take some preparation and planning. However I encourage you to do it as you are totally worth it! You know how bad you can feel when you eat something you don’t want to, but it was the only choice. Like that double-sized Kit Kat at the petrol station because you were starving and this was the first thing you could see and, hey, cheaper than the single sized one.