10am til Noon. Not limited to lifting, you can work on your body weight skills or anything you like really. Don’t forget about Benchmark Training, still time to hit a “Girl”, “Games” or “Hero” workout. You can also use this time as an Open Gym Session, just make sure you have a plan.


With MaD in the USA there are a few schedule changes for the next couple of weeks.

Morning Classes – NO CHANGE

Lunchtime Classes – NO CHANGE

Evening Classes – Mon and Wed change to 5pm and 6:30pm ONLY

Friday evening remains with the recently revised schedule of 5pm and 6pm ONLY.



Prepare For Takeoff With The Deadlift Checklist

The deadlift is a phenomenal total body lift, built on a strong foundation of hip hinges and RDLs. I believe you should master that hinge pattern before trying to lift from the ground. Properly executed, the deadlift will greatly increase strength and power, while setting a great framework for many other hinge related lifts. It will give you vice-like grip, and an iron posterior chain. Whether you’re an athlete, a bodybuilder, a strength competitor, or just someone wanting a more quality lifestyle, the deadlift is as good as it gets.

Training Tip: Upper Back, Not Shoulders, Overhead

The overhead position is something I end up talking about so often I assume it annoys people almost as much as terrible overhead positions annoy me. Some people have never been taught how to properly hold a bar overhead, and others have been taught multiple contradictory methods, which produces some fascinating results.

The goal is to hold the bar with the upper back, not the shoulders and arms. Yes, of course the shoulders and arms are working too, but the focus of effort should be fixing the shoulder blades forcefully together on top of a rigidly extended upper back.

The arms should be rigid columns of bone extending from this solid foundation, with the elbows forcefully extended and the grip relatively loose – only as tight as necessary to control the bar and maintain the proper hand and wrist positions. A good indicator that you have not established a solid upper back foundation is the need to grip the bar extremely tightly. Reach up into the bar with the palms and stretch the arms away from the shoulder blades.