Bench Press 5 x 5 – Sets across at 78%. All 5 sets of 5 at the same weight. If you don’t have a 1 Rep Max to base the % off then work up to a challenging weight and use that.


10 Min AMRAP
9 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20″
6 Manmakers AHAP
3 Ring Dips

9 Burpee Box Jumps 20/12″
6 Manmakers AHAP
3 Dip Station Dips

ManMaker: Start with DB’s at Hang, DB’s to floor, kick back, push up, row left, row right, jump feet in, power clean DB’s, Push Press, back to hang.


Jan’s story: a real food success story

We talked through dietary changes and lifestyle changes, and I made several recommendations based on the information she provided and subsequent blood tests that she had conducted. The main shifts in her diet were to:

  • Anchor meals around protein, fibre and fat to stabilise blood sugar
  • Avoid snacking where possible
  • Removal of most carbohydrate (including fruit) to help lower her overall blood sugar level
  • Including raw apple cider vinegar around meals (to help with glycemic control)
  • Remove dairy (clinically I see many women in their late 40s and above benefit from removing dairy from their diet)
  • Supplementing with magnesium and chromium for blood sugar control, and supplements to help support her liver function
  • Slow cook meat wherever possible (to reduce the formation of advanced glycated end-products which are toxic, especially for someone with poor blood sugar control).