Deadlift 1 x 5 – Sets across at 90%. All 5 singles at the same weight. If you don’t have a 1 Rep Max to base the % off then work up to a challenging weight and use that. If you feel good, this is an opportunity to establish a 1 Rep Max.


DB EMOM for 12Min
3 Hang Power Clean 20/15kg
3 Front Squat
3 Push Press

3 HPC 15/10kg
3 FS
3 PP

If you have completed this workout as Rx in the past, add another rep to each movement.


Really happy that Mike’s Gym in Bonsall California survived the Lilac Fire last week. We have spent many happy hours there and now we can hope to spend some more 🙂

Mike’s Gym after the fire, guest house is gone, but it could have been way worse.

MaD and the girls with Coach B at Mike’s Gym 2009.